About the Biotutor Wiki

The Biotutor Wiki is an experiment in online democracy. We hope that it will become a useful resource for biology teachers, written by biology teachers. The topic headings and structure of the site are currently just an outline, which will evolve as the site develops and more people contribute to it.

This Wiki is not intended to replace the excellent Biotutor web site and mailing list but rather to act as a more permanent repository of information and ideas that may be edited by all members. Feel free, therefore, to add resources, ideas and links or to edit, extend and correct the pages that others have written. This will, no doubt, be rather a free-for-all, but it might just work... :-)

Contributing to the Biotutor Wiki

All you need to do is sign up for a (free) Wikispaces account, including details of your school or job title. After being accepted, you can then sign in to start editing or adding resources.
  • use the Navigation bar to the left to edit or add to an existing page.
  • if you have something completely new to add then click on New Page (under Actions on the left), name the page and add your content.
  • you can add a link to your page from the menu on the left by clicking on "edit navigation", but please try to maintain a sensible (hierarchical) navigation structure and wherever possible link from an existing menu page (for instance, if you contribute a practical idea, create a link from the 'Activities to go' section).

[Note that on a Macintosh, only Firefox can currently be used to edit these pages.]

Some important points

Please bear in mind that anything you contribute must be material that you have copyright on or is in the public domain, and that all of your contributions will be covered by a Creative Commons licence (click on the link below to find out exactly what this means).

Please also note that this site must not be used by firms or organisations for the promotion of their commercial products. Reviews and recommendations by independent third parties are welcome -- but blatant advertising is not.